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Simple Play Showcase
One Eyed Jacks
Friday March 11th

GIVERS is a band made up of five friends from Lafayette, Louisiana—it should be stated firstly that the music they make is simply an ongoing reflection of this bond. It is this connection that fuels every aspect of creation and performance for the band. They began their journey together as friends somewhere between high school and college, playing in various bands around Lafayette. Eventually the five would all come together for one night of improvised music at the request of a friend to fill an empty slot. It was this night that a new connection was explored. The music that was created would reflect and define what would become GIVERS. Within their first few shows they would cross paths with Dirty Projectors, who would eventually ask them to tour the east coast in the fall of 2009. Since then they have made touring a major priority, only breaking to record their first full length album, due this spring.


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