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The Revels Group Showcase
Dragon’s Den Up-Stairs

Yes. I’m the rapper you found on your girlfriend’s iPod and couldn’t help but say that shit is dope.
Yes. My life is a party.
Yes. I’m sicker then your average.
Yes. I’m white. Raised in Oakland and Berkeley, CA, currently chillin in New Orleans.
Yes. I’m in college. Trying to get it done…
Yes. I’m a big ass kid. Never wanna grow up.
Yes. I wanna make millions one day and ball outrageous.
Yes. I make most of my own beats, and record all my shit in my dorm room.
Yes. I’m chill, but if you see me in public and try to approach me, if u get a weird vibe, I’m not tryna be hollywood its just I’m kinda socially awkward and don’t know how to take compliments. Thanks though.
Yes. I listen to The Beatles everyday.
Yes. I listen to a Tribe Called Quest everyday.
Yes. I spit. But if you see me at the club don’t ask me to battle. That shits annoying and I’m tryna chill.
Yes. I do a lotta shows, and perform with a live band. Those guys are dope as fuck.
Yes. I’ve opened up on tour for a lotta cool people.
Yes. I’ve self-released a lotta music so far. You can download it on iTunes or http://music.g-eazy.com
Yes. I wear skinny jeans and sneakers. No. I’m not a hipster. I’m just me. Respect it.
Yes. I’m the truth. Get familiar.
@ Tha-Tha-That’s all folks!

signed yours truly
- G-Eeeeaazzyy


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